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There are appriatly 2000 qualified advocate for the 36 million Ugandan making it difficult for many to access legal assistance ,resulting in many unresolved disputes or resolved using crude methods like mob justice .The right to legal aid is well enriched in the international and regional human rights treaty framework to most of which Uganda is a state party. The provision of Legal aid to the indigent has emerged as dominant intervention in enhancing access to justice for the poor .Legal aid services address the concerns of the poor and vulnerable by focusing on challenges arising from affordability of user costs. Lack of legal representation and alienation due to technicalities, language and ignorance of legal rights.
Aim Home Care Uganda has the potential not only to enable these valuable groups resolve their disputes at the family and community level but to enhance awareness of legal and human rights .empower them to claim their rights and advocate for social ,policy and legal change at community and national level.
While Aim Home Care Uganda intervention may not in principal transform the poverty situation of the recipients of services, they greatly contribute to the empowerment of individuals and communities which is a key to poverty eradication efforts.