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• To improve women skills concerning their development through creation of small scale business initiatives in order to sustain their living standards.
• To fight against illiteracy through creation and establishment of both formal and informal education centers.
• To increase awareness of HIV and AIDs, Malaria, diseases due to peer environmental sanitation within the community.
• To provide information
of legal issues and ways of reducing domestic violence in the community.
• To advocate for Alternative dispute resolution other than litigation.
• To sensitize the communities on their fundamental human right and create awareness about where to find justice in case it is denied.
• To encourage modern methods of agriculture and provide a sustainable environment that allows every member of the community to be self reliant
The projects include; Skills developments for rural and urban poor women, training for linkage facilitators, Agriculture and farm implements for modern farming, OVC-distribution blankets and bed sheets; Primary Health care and disease prevention-Health education and Health promotion-distribution of Insecticide treated Nets (ITN); Educating youths and other vulnerable groups within Kamwenge in skill development and providing education support.